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Further Facebook Follies

An email I just sent to my press contact at Facebook:

I just got the following from Michael Z Williamson:

We removed this from Facebook because it violates our Community Standards:


I think we can be bigger than the niggardly diggers looking for reasons to be offended. Post with vigor about chiggers and riggers and giggers.

Of course, there have been recent stories about Kirk Cameron’s problems, eg, 2013/07/23/kirk-cameron- unstoppable-facebook-ban_n_ 3639835.html

With these in mind, I’d like to repeat my questions from last week:

  1. Is saying “chigger” really more offensive than the “Kill Zimmerman” page that Facebook refuses to remove? See this facebook search: search/str/Kill%20Zimmerman/ pages-named
  2. Is “chigger” really more offensive than the multiple uses of the “n-word”? search/str/nigger/pages-named
  3. What is Facebook’s procedure for dealing with reports of abuse?

Since my first piece, I’ve had a number of other people of conservative bent contact me about apparently innocuous posts that have been removed, and a whole bunch of people who have contacted me about the “Kill Zimmerman” pages which Facebook repeatedly has refused to remove, saying they don’t violate community standards. So I’d like to ask a fourth question:

4. Can Facebook positively state that they are not targeting “conservative” posters, and demonstrate this by noting some “liberal” postings that have been removed in error?

(Updated with a link to the first story, for convenience.)