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Obama Headline I Missed In The American Press Today

Obama plummets in latest polls. Even in California the president is in freefall.

Two new polls are out today (one national, the other in California) which underscore just how unimpressed Americans are with the president’s job performance. The latest McClatchy-Marist poll has Barack Obama’s job approval at its lowest level for nearly two years – just 41 percent. It’s his worst showing since September 2011, when his approval hit 39 percent. There can be little doubt that the wave of recent scandals has hurt the president’s standing, and undermined trust in the Administration, especially among Independents. The IRS debacle has been particularly damaging. The president’s floundering on foreign policy hasn’t helped either, with Americans disapproving of his performance in this area by a 48-41 percent margin. The president’s health care reforms are also a significant liability, with numerous polls showing strong public opposition to Obamacare.

If you have been wondering why we were graced with speeches from The Idiot King on consecutive days last week and have been promised yet another “Jobs Pivot Traveling Road Show!” this is why. Even the shiniest and happiest of the inner-circle Kool-Aid drinkers know that all is not well in the Magic Kingdom. The reason that Obama speeches are so vapid isn’t just that he is that way himself, it’s that they are rarely, if ever, meant to convey anything. They are almost always distractions to get you looking away from the train wreck.

(Almost) Four more years.