VA AG Ken Cuccinelli Tells Andrea Tantaros that Sammy Hagar was a Perfectly Fine Replacement for David Lee Roth

If Virginians elect Democrat Terry McAuliffe governor, they can expect Obama’s war on coal to come straight to the commonwealth. Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican nominee for governor, told Andrea Tantaros today that McAuliffe has declared that no coal-fired power plants should ever be built in Virginia again, because rich Democrat benefactors are using so-called green politics to destroy the coal industry. That was before his current run for governor. Now, McAuliffe claims that he loves him some coal.


“My race for governor is based on supporting and advancing job opportunities for the middle class, not the well-connected,” Cuccinelli said. Cuccinelli said that McAuliffe, who was Democratic National Committee chairman under President Bill Clinton, “has been an access peddler for 30 years for the national Democrats. That’s what he has been doing. ” He said that McAuliffe’s own book, What a Party, which is available in fine remainder bins nationwide, is full of stories about McAuliffe helping the Clintons rent out the White House’s Lincoln bedroom to high-dollar Democrat donors and “fat cats.”

Tantaros noted another story from McAuliffe’s book, in which he left his wife at the hospital just after she had born their newborn child, to attend a political fundraiser. Tantaros encouraged women to McAuliffe’s book to get a sense of how he and his friends, the Clintons, really treat women.

Cuccinelli said that when his own wife read McAuliffe’s book, she said “You’ve got to see this!” Of McAuliffe’s five children, he acknowledges abandoning his wife after three of them were born to stop at political parties and fundraisers. McAuliffe, according to his own book, left his wife and newborn children in the back of taxis on the way home from the hospital, his wife in tears that he was not sticking around to help her get their baby home.


“Talk about a war on women,” Tantaros quipped.

Cuccinelli also criticized the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down part of the Defense of Marriage Act, but noted positively that the wording of the majority decision leaves Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage in place. McAuliffe, he said, has been attacking him on social issues like same-sex marriage because he has no economic record to run on. That may backfire, though, as Virginia’s amendment on marriage won with 57% of the vote.

In perhaps his most controversial opinion of the interview, AG Cuccinelli would not pick a perfect Batman. Not Adam West, not Michael Keaton, not even Christian Bale in the Christopher Nolan trilogy. Obviously the right answer is Christian Bale, and obviously the greatest Batman film of all time is The Dark Knight. Cuccinelli should have taken a firm and uncompromising stand.

Tantaros led Cuccinelli through a game she called “Replacements,” which started during a previous interview on the show. During that interview, Cuccinelli shocked Tantaros by picking Sammy Hagar over David Lee Roth as the best Van Halen front-man. A questionable choice, to say the least.

On James Bond, he prefers Sean Connery to any of his successors.

Tantaros asked Cuccinelli if he is a Who fan, and got “Oh yeah!” as a response before Cuccinelli picked Keith Moon over his replacement. He had no comment on which Journey front-man is better, Steve Perry or Arnel Pineda. Again, the obvious answer is Steve Perry. But indifference to Journey is understandable.


Cuccinelli described Ozzy Osbourne, who was known back in the day for biting the heads off of bats onstage and for once urinating on the Alamo, as a “scary, scary man” before choosing Ronnie James Dio as the best front-man for Black Sabbath.

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