Hilarious: Bill Clinton Praises SCOTUS for Striking Down a Law that He Signed

To me and in my humble opinion, Bill Clinton is the finest representative of the Democratic Party available. His word is literally worthless in both the personal and professional spheres. What he proudly signs into law today he will just as proudly denounce as bigoted and backward tomorrow if the politics have changed. He has no principles outside of acquiring power for himself and his friends, and what he believes he can get away with today.


Today, Clinton issued a statement on the DOMA ruling.

“By overturning the Defense of Marriage Act, the Court recognized that discrimination towards any group holds us all back in our efforts to form a more perfect union. We are also encouraged that marriage equality may soon return to California. We applaud the hard work of the advocates who have fought so relentlessly for this day, and congratulate Edie Windsor on her historic victory,” the Clintons’ statement reads.

On September 20, 1996 Clinton signed DOMA into law. When he signed that law, he issued the following statement.

I have long opposed governmental recognition of same-gender marriages and this legislation is consistent with that position. The Act confirms the right of each state to determine its own policy with respect to same gender marriage and clarifies for purposes of federal law the operative meaning of the terms “marriage” and “spouse”.


So, in today’s statement, is Bill Clinton pulling a Paula Deen and admitting his past “discrimination?” Of course not. We’re not supposed to remember that he signed that law at all.


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