Obama's Climate Change Plan Contradicts His Own Policy

President Barack Obama announced a new climate change plan today, but did he read it beforehand? The plan, posted here along with a fact-sheet, contains a curious reference.


On page 11 of the 21-page plan, there is a section called “Pursuing a Collaborative Approach to Reducing Emissions.” That section sticks out, given President Obama’s policy proclivities. It reads:

In addition, when it comes to the oil and gas sector, investments to build and upgrade gas pipelines will not only put more Americans to work, but also reduce emissions and enhance economic productivity. For example, as part of the Administration’s effort to improve federal permitting for infrastructure projects, the interagency Bakken Federal Executive Group is working with industry, as well as state and tribal agencies, to advance the production of oil and gas in the Bakken while helping to reduce venting and flaring. Moving forward, as part of the effort to develop an interagency methane strategy, the Obama Administration will work collaboratively with state governments, as well as the private sector, to reduce emissions across multiple sectors, improve air quality, and achieve public health and economic benefits. (emphasis added)

President Obama has infamously dithered on the largest US pipeline project in years, the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would run from Canada to the Texas coast. Despite the soundness of the pipeline plan and even Big Labor support, Obama sided with environmental groups and tabled the pipeline decision until after the 2012 election. Safely re-elected, Obama went against popular opinion, which runs heavily in favor of building the pipeline, and once again delayed the project. A final decision is expected in the fall.


Meanwhile, the Consumer Energy Alliance is warning that the rest of Obama’s climate change may create a drag on the already weak economy. In a statement released today, the CEA’s Executive VP Michael Whatley says “Any proposal needs to be evaluated in terms of its impact on American energy consumers as electricity costs can be a major drag on both household budgets and the bottom lines of farms, factories and businesses.”

Obama came into office promising to push a climate change plan, and at the same time noted that his plan would cause household energy prices to “skyrocket.”

He knew his plan would cause major pain for Americans, and promised tax-payer funded subsidies to offset that pain, in what amounts to a confiscation and transfer of wealth to impose his plan on the nation. When Democrats controlled the US House and Senate, even they rejected Obama’s climate change initiative.

Recent evidence, meanwhile, has provided strong evidence that so-called global warming is flat and the earth may in fact be cooling. That hasn’t stopped scandal-plagued Obama from pushing his draconian plan.


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