Senate Source on Immigration Bill: 'This Thing's Over'

Byron York reports:

When the Gang of Eight filed its massive immigration reform bill, many observers predicted a long, momentous struggle before any legislation — probably changed in fundamental ways by an arduous amendment process — made it through the Senate.

Now, after a few days of on-and-off consideration of the bill, one well-connected Senate source concludes: “This thing’s over.”

As the source sees it, the Senate will vote on the still-unreleased Hoeven-Corker amendment on Monday.  And then, Majority Leader Harry Reid will move for a final vote. “We’ll vote on Corker, a couple of remaining pending amendments, and then cloture on the final bill as amended by Corker, and call it a day,” says the aide. By “call it a day,” the source means the Senate will pass the bill.


If this is accurate, then all those things that Sen. Marco Rubio claimed that he wanted fixed in the bill, will remain unfixed. And he will vote to pass it anyway, setting the stage for President Obama and the Democrats to demagogue the House into passing the bill as well.


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