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New Photo Caption Contest: Do Obama and Putin Need A Relationship Coach?


Yesterday, when I first saw this photo I immediately thought “Photo Caption Contest” because this is just one of those photos that is worth a “1000 words” and a few good captions.

The caption, “Cold War” was how the Drudge Report described  this photo, but we expect many more colorful and creative alternatives from our loyal contest followers and any newcomers who care to match wits with our esteemed group of “Caption Kings.”

Certainly, when the history of the Obama presidency is written, I expect this photo will be used to illustrate Obama’s rocky relationship with our former/current – friend/enemy Russia and President Putin who (thank goodness) happens to have his shirt on in this photo. (But now that Putin is divorcing his wife, one can only imagine how many more shirtless poses await us.)

Many of you are aware that for the last year we have kept this contest orderly by enforcing our one rule, “be nice and stay classy because the media is watching.” But recently that rule has become inoperative because we no longer care if the media is watching or what they are thinking.  However, staying classy never goes out of style even in a world gone mad.  So do try to abide by whatever you think this rule means.

Here again are the winners from our last contest and please use them as an example of “staying classy.”

Good luck and remember that in the early 1960’s President Kennedy and Russian Premier Nikita Khruschev also had quite a testy relationship but the Russians never did manage to “bury us.”


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