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Racist Segregationist George Wallace was a Democrat - MSNBC Show Labeled Him a 'Republican'

Can’t say I’m surprised by a bit of this. MSNBC swore off being a news channel. It has hired nothing but political operatives to run its shows. Its shows are produced by and cater to people who prefer one-sided noise, and who don’t know much about anything.

So, you get inconvenient George Wallace, Democrat, turned into a Republican. Ignorance or malice? Does it really matter?

Well, you learn something new every day, as they say. Today’s lesson? Governor George Wallace, the segregationist who served three nonconsecutive terms as Alabama’s chief executive, was a Republican.

At least, so says MSNBC. Noting the 50-year anniversary of Wallace’s infamous “Stand in the Schoolhouse Door,” in which the governor physically blocked two black students from entering the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes showed a photo of Wallace — identifiying him as “(R) Alabama.”

Hayes has apologized, calling the “mistake” “historically illiterate.” Which is probably why neither he nor his producers caught it.

His network engaged in serial smearing of Mitt Romney during the presidential campaign, and never made similar “mistakes” that hurt Democrats.

MSNBC will smear Republicans again. That’s one of the few things in this cray-crazy world we can count on.