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Report: Intel Officials Overheard Joking that NSA Leaker, Reporter Should be 'Disappeared'

Quick, let’s fake-fire someone!

A group of intelligence officials were overheard yesterday discussing how the National Security Agency worker who leaked sensitive documents to a reporter last week should be ‘disappeared.’

Foreign policy analyst and editor at large of The Atlantic, Steve Clemons, tweeted about the ‘disturbing’ conversation after listening in to four men who were sitting near him as he waited for a flight at Washington’s Dulles airport.

‘In Dulles UAL lounge listening to 4 US intel officials saying loudly leaker & reporter on #NSA stuff should be disappeared recorded a bit,’ he tweeted at 8:42 a.m. on Saturday.

According to Clemons, the men had been attending an event hosted by the Intelligence and National Security Alliance.

“Disappeared” is another way of saying that the leaker and reporter, Glenn Greenwald, should be murdered in a way that leaves no evidence or trace of what happened to them. Not really something anyone in intel ought to be joking about, especially in light of the IRS abusing citizens across a few years.

Clemons has yet to publish a story about what he says he heard and taped at Dulles. On Twitter, he says he’s identifying those he overheard and reaching out for their comments.