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Someone Should Ask John Dingell To Leave

Welcome officially overstayed.

The above piece was written by a former congressman who no doubt wishes he could have had a dialed-in career like Dingell’s. Fortunately for America, his participation in the Obamacare nightmare that he writes about as his bonding moment with Dingell in the article made him a one-termer.

Here’s a rare bipartisan moment from me: he can take any Republican or Democrat who has been there more than ten years with him.

This guy has been in office since my dad was in high school, and I’m not a terribly young man. Fifty seven years is not public service, it’s an entrenched faux royalty play. A member of the House who has been there several decades doesn’t represent a district, he lords over a fiefdom whose unquestioning subjects go through the motions of rewarding him because that’s all they’ve ever known.

Using the Dingell model, Nancy Pelosi would be around another thirty-one years.

Make it stop.