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New Jersey Senate: Who's Up for Some Geraldo Rivera?

Geraldo Rivera, for one. After that…I got nothin’.

Veteran journalist Geraldo Rivera said Monday he’d “take the call” if New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie wanted to appoint him to New Jersey’s vacant U.S. Senate seat, but acknowledged the chances of that seem slim.

“I would definitely take the call,” Rivera said on the “Geraldo Rivera Radio Show.”

He made the comments on his show after The Daily Caller inquired about his interest in the seat after the news that 89-year-old New Jersey Democratic Sen. Frank Lautenberg died Monday.

Rivera claims to be a Republican, but he’s pro-gun control, pro-amnesty, pro-choice on abortion and pro-gay marriage, and spends more air time criticizing Republicans than Democrats. So yeah, he’s pretty much a New Jersey Republican.

Rivera hastened to add that he thinks Gov. Christie will pick “someone important” (other than himself) to fill the seat. Robert Costa is hearing that Christie will indeed pick a Republican.

The late Sen. Lautenberg does have four children, if Christie decides to go the dynastic route.