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Bill Ayers: Those Boston Guys Were Way Worse!

For reasons unknown (or not) Weather Underground bomber and Obama political-career launcher felt it necessary to distance himself from the Tsarnaev brothers:

Ayers, the former Weather Underground co-founder who proudly led his organization in the successful bombings of dozens of American targets, including the U.S. Capitol, Pentagon, and State Department, on Saturday distanced himself from his tactical and ideological cousins, the Tsarnaevs. It was a clumsy deceit, easily disproven.

“I get asked about violence when what I did was some destruction of property to issue a scream and cry against an illegal war in which 6,000 people a week are being killed,” the Akron Beacon-Journal reported Ayers as saying in response to a reporter’s question. “Six thousand a week being killed and I destroyed some property. Show me the equivalence. You should ask John McCain that question.… I’m against violence.

“To conflate a group of fundamentalist people [in Boston] who are nihilistic in some way with a group of people who spent their lives trying to oppose the murder of 6,000 people a week… and still the killing went on. And still the killing went on. What would you have done? There’s no equivalence [with Boston]. Property damage. That’s what we did.”

Two things you should know. The first is, Ayers did get people killed. They were his own, incompetent, people. But still. And they got themselves killed trying to kill others. It was never just about “property damage.”

The second thing is, please notice that Ayers still supports violence in support of political causes. It’s OK to blow stuff up if you don’t like something. Forty years later, he’s still defending blowing stuff up.