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It's Your ObamaCareFail of the Day

Rates in Maryland set to soar 150% next year as ObamaCare’s Happy Fun Provisions go into full effect:

Taking those factors into account, CareFirst premiums for individual plans could rise as high as 150 percent next year for healthy young men and decrease slightly for someone older and sicker, Burrell said.

One current popular CareFirst plan with a $2,700 deductible costs “less than $115 per month” for men under 30, said Mark Hammett, a broker at Kelly & Associates Insurance Group in Hunt Valley, Md. [Emphasis added]

That’s via Nick Gillespie who says the news comes from

health-care giant Kaiser of Obamacare’s likely impact on insurance costs in Maryland, “an important state to watch because it has embraced Obamacare’s insurance reforms, setting up its own marketplace.”

Blue means bluer than blue can be.