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After Authoring the ObamaCare 'Train Wreck,' Dem. Sen. Max Baucus will Retire

As the champion of President Obama’s healthcare law in the Senate, Sen. Max Baucus’ (MT) legacy includes strangling the US economy and ruining our healthcare system, while fundamentally altering the citizen’s relationship to the state, in favor of the state. Last week he called ObamaCare a “train wreck,” in what was a rare moment of honesty from a Democrat.

Now he’s riding off in the sunset.

Democratic Sen. Max Baucus said Tuesday he will retire and not seek a seventh term next year, setting up a fight by both parties for conservative-leaning Montana.

“I don’t want to die here with my boots on. There is life beyond Congress,” Baucus told the Associated Press.

Baucus, 71, is chairman of the powerful Senate Finance Committee, which holds broad sway over tax policy, health care and other issues. He faced a tough re-election fight in Montana, a state President Obama lost in 2012 by nearly 14 percentage points.

Baucus leaves a pickup opportunity for the GOP. Can they take advantage of it?