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SPLC Got it Wrong: Police Charge Wife of Jailed ex-Kaufman County JP with Capital Murder (Update: Police Say Wife was Shooter)

Breaking news from the investigation of the murder of a district attorney, his wife, and a prosecutor in Kaufman County, TX: The wife of the former JP who has already been jailed in connection with the crimes now faces a capital murder charge herself. In fact, she has been charged ahead of her husband, who was arrested earlier this week.

Kim Williams, 46, is charged with one count of capital murder and is being held on a $10 million bond in the Kaufman County jail. She was admitted just before 3 a.m. Wednesday.

Law enforcement officials have said they expect capital murder charges to be filed against her husband, Eric Williams, the former justice of the peace there. Eric Williams, also 46, has repeatedly declared his innocence.

There appears to be no connection at all to the line that the Southern Poverty Law Center and MSNBC pushed in the wake of the crimes, that the Aryan Brotherhood was involved. The murders look now like a local vendetta.

Authorities believe the disbarred former justice of the peace held a grudge against McLelland and Hasse, who prosecuted him last year in the theft of three computer monitors. During Eric Willilams’ trial, McLelland and Hasse portrayed him as a thief and a man with a violent streak. They pushes [sic] for him to be sent to prison. He was given probation, but the case is on appeal.

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s so-called “hate map” has inspired one attempted mass killing. Its published speculation in the wake of the Kaufman murders created a national media push and one federal prosecutor resigned from a case involving the racist-crime syndicate Aryan Brotherhood.

Update: Moments ago, authorities in Kaufman County held a press briefing. They stated that Kim Williams, wife of the disgraced justice of the peace, was the shooter in the three murders. She is charged with capital murder and being held on $10 million bond.