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MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry Triples Down on Marxism

According to MSNBC’s most out and out Marxist Melissa Harris-Perry, all your kids are belong to us, and now they have the right to health care (under ObamaCare, hah!), education, “decent” housing, and “quality” food — at all times.


Transcript, via NewsBusters:

MELISSA HARRIS-PERRY: Americans will always want some level of inequality because it’s a representation of a meritocracy. People who work hard and sacrifice and save their money and make major contributions: we think that they should earn a little more. And they should have more resources. And that’s fine. But we also however have to have a floor under which nobody falls. And if you’re below that, especially if you’re a child and you’re below that, we are not going to accept that. You do have the right to health care, and to education, and to decent housing and to quality food at all times.

What if you’re a child who just wants to be born?

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