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Michael Moore: Do My Politics Make Me Look Fat?

Crockumentary filmmaker Michael Moore was recently on a Reddit Q&A. Reddit’s readers lean left and tend to be irreverent. His chat didn’t go as he probably anticipated.

Moore elicited another 511 downvotes by saying that he was not fat. When asked this question about his expansive waist-line: “When will you do a movie on obesity in America,” Moore, likely with chicken grease-soaked fingers, angrily responded:

HAHAHAHA! OMG these posts are sooooo funny. Now I know why we have so many right wing comedians and humorists on TV and in the movies. (Note: That was irony)

The implication, obviously, is that only conservatives point out that he is fat. Redditors openly mocked the whale-like film maker, with one quipping:

lol, you do realize reddit is notorious for being very, very liberal, right? The fact that you are being chastised and downvoted here shows that even most liberals find you to be a disgusting, hypocritical douche bag.

Maybe Michael Moore is a more unifying figure than I’d realized.