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Gun Retailer Abandons California for Texas

Shield Tactical released the following statement on their Facebook page today.

Who didn’t see THIS coming, honestly? :)

Shield Tactical is pleased to announce that we are moving our retail division to Shiner, Texas. We are pleased to have neighbors such as TBRC and the Spoetzl Brewery (home of Shiner Beer). Shipping etc will not be substantially affected.

Out training division will remain in CA until the legislature outlaws everything.

Not much more needs to be said. Except to note that Gov. Rick Perry didn’t return to Texas from his California raid so empty handed after all.

Shield Tactical sells just about every firearm option that’s available and also provides training services. Here’s their sale page. Thanks in no small part to the Obama-Feinstein rush against the Second Amendment, business is rolling pretty well for Shield. And now they’ll be conducting their business in Texas, where they will enjoy lower taxes and not have to deal with an overtly hostile state government.

Gov. Perry now has his sights set on luring a Colorado gun parts maker, Magpul Industries, to low-tax Texas.

Pretty soon all viable companies will at least think about moving to Texas.