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Obamanomics: 20 New Food Stamp Recipients for Each New Job

It sounds impossible, but it’s true:

While hardly presented by the mainstream media with the same panache dedicated to the monthly ARIMA-X-12 seasonally-adjusted, climate-affected, goal-seek devised non-farm payroll data, the three month delayed Foodstamp number is according to many a far greater attestation to the “effectiveness” of the Obama administration to turn the economy around. And far greater it is: since his inauguration, the US has generated just 841,000 jobs through November 2012, a number is more than dwarfed by the 17.3 million new foodstamps and disability recipients added to the rolls in the past 4 years.

Your smaller paycheck must feed an ever-larger EBT army.

This is from the same people who love to give lectures about sustainability.