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Photo Caption Contest Winner: ‘Obama The Fly Swatter Strikes Again’

(Reuters photo and caption)
A fly lands between Barack Obama’s eyes as he speaks in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington.


Congratulations to all who entered, because the submissions from our latest Tatler Photo Caption Contest surpassed my wildest expectations!  And, I am not exaggerating when I say that as a group, these captions were the best I have ever seen from any previous contest (and we have had some pretty darn good contests.)

In fact, these submissions were so witty, snarky and clever, I had to call our in-house celebrity judge, “Dr. Spin” to help select the grand prize winner.

Upon contacting Dr. Spin, he informed me that he was in recovery mode from all his recent jet-setting excursions between Hollywood, Washington and New York and was now holed up in his deluxe mountain retreat.

So here, descended from an altitude of 14,000 ft. is our winning caption submitted by tcb:

“Wait! Don’t swat it – we’ll get Axelrod to register it to vote!”

Congrats tcb, please come forward and take a virtual bow.

With Dr. Spin’s caption as the “official winner,” we also have an “unofficial winner” selected by yours truly.

This caption submitted by HiPlanesDrifter is:

Mr. President, would you like flies with that?

(I was LOL after reading it, so congrats to contest newcomer, HiPlanesDrifter.)

Now due to the high number of politically astute captions submitted by each of our “Caption Kings” (the title bestowed upon a handful of Tatler readers who dedicate WAY TOO MUCH time and talent writing pages of captions for each contest) starting now, we will also recognize a Caption King who has performed at a level qualifying him/her for a guest writing spot on The Daily Show. (Too bad I do not know anyone at that show but Dr. Spin will make that connection for us.)

The First Caption King Award is presented to Don Henderson.

King Henderson submitted even more captions than what you read here, but these were his best in my opinion.

Pardon me for cutting this speech short, but with my schedule, I gotta fly!

And you thought Watergate was bugged.

It must have flew off of that bush.

This is a one man act, so buzz off.

My fellow American’s, and frequent flyers.

This is a first, one member of the Republican party is going head to head with me.

When this picture of me hits the news stands, they will go [FLYING] off the shelf.

OK, Homeland Security you’ve made your point, your mini drones can fly to where there headed.

As I stated earlier, there were so many outstanding captions by everyone, I urge you to go back and read them because this winner’s post would be over five pages long if I were to list all the Honorable Mentions.

Keep up the great work everyone and we will see you next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest.

Oh, and one final announcement….

My husband is so paranoid that he will be visiting me at re-education camp this summer, (smuggling in Kind Bars and People Magazine, no doubt) that he asked me to take a break from contest photos involving “Our Beloved Leader,” and find other photo subjects to caption.

So the important headline question I now ask of loyal contest readers is, “Should I Obey The Husband?”