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Armed Mom Uses Pistol to Fight Off Three Burglars

Repeat after me: The Second Amendment is not about hunting.

The Montgomery County [Texas] Sheriff’s Office says around 9:30 [Friday] night, they were called out to a home on the 18700 block of Mink Lake Drive in Magnolia. Investigators say three male suspects went into the home where they found a 33-year-old female with a pistol in her hand and her 6-year-old child alone inside.

Investigators say the mother fired the pistol at the burglars and thought she hit one of them, but they all escaped.

Protip for burglars: Don’t mess with Texas moms. It’s a bad idea.

There’s no word on the type of firearm the mom used, but a semiautomatic handgun with low recoil and a higher-capacity magazine would have been very useful. Say, a 380 with a 10-round mag. There’s power aplenty to stop a man, and with three attackers, she could have sent three rounds at high velocity toward each of the three in a matter of seconds, with a spare in case they failed to flee. Lower capacity in the magazine increases the criminals’ odds of surviving the encounter and of overpowering their intended victims.

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