[AUDIO] Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's Niece Says Barack Obama 'Does Not Measure Up' to MLK's Legacy

Appearing on the Andrea Tantaros Show with Jason Mattera Friday, Dr. Alveda King pulled no punches when discussing President Barack Obama and the opening of his second term. Obama took the oath of office on two Bibles, one that belonged to President Abraham Lincoln and one that belonged to her late uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Dr. Alveda King appeared on the Tantaros show from the 2013 March for Life, a massive protest in Washington, D.C., marking the anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision. She criticized Obama for failing to fulfill her uncle’s legacy by moving America “away from God.”

“How do you think Obama has done legacy-wise?” Tantaros asked.

“You can’t compare a preacher and a politician,” King said. “Martin Luther King Jr., you have to remember, was not a politician. He was a prophet. So usually the prophets are the ones who speak to the kings or the presidents or the politicians.”

“I have written open letters to the president,” King said. “I’ve been to the White House and told him that I love him, that I’m praying for him. So he falls short. He does not have a prophetic message.”

“But Dr. King, he has been compared by media outlets like Newsweek as a savior…as a prophet for liberal ideas,” Tantaros said.

King noted that her uncle opposed abortion and same-sex marriage, unlike Obama, who favors both. “No, the standards of the current administration do not measure up to the standards by which Dr. Martin Luther King tried to live.”


“It seems President Obama seems to be going against the teachings of the Bible,” said Tantaros. “On Monday he stood in front of the country and he had his hand on your uncle’s Bible….How did that make you feel?”

“Well it was interesting because, you know, he also stumbled on the oath, and I’d like to feel that something was stirring in that Bible, that choked him for a second, and made him think.”

King continued: “We’re praying for him, that he’ll hear the voice of God.” She compared Obama to Biblical kings who served false gods.

King also took Obama’s former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, to task. “I’m very disturbed about the churches that only preach the social gospel without including Jesus’ message. And that’s the message that my uncle would still be preaching today. He preached it while he was alive. That’s agape love, God’s love for our neighbors, ourselves, and obedience to God,” she said. “Jeremiah Wright was preaching a different gospel and it came close to a false gospel.” King said that she believes Obama’s decades as Wright’s student deeply impacted him.


“A lot of Christians believe that [Obama] is actively trying to take God out of the military,” Tantaros said. “He’s evolving in different positions. He was against gay marriage, now he’s evolving towards it. A lot of pro-life advocates are worried that if he appoints more liberal justices he could take more action through the courts on abortion. Do you see the president moving away from God?”

“He’s been moving away and I think it’s, I know, it’s my job to pray for him that he’ll come back. And not in a judgmental or an angry way.” She compared her hope that Obama comes back to faith to the parable of the prodigal son returning home.

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