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Oklahoma to Feds: Hands Off Our Guns!

In Oregon, Linn County Sheriff Tom Mueller sent a letter to Vice President Joe Biden saying “his department would not enforce any potential new gun laws that could be construed as unconstitutional.” Mueller added that “We must not allow, nor shall we tolerate, the actions of criminals, no matter how heinous the crimes, to prompt politicians to enact laws that will infringe upon the liberties of responsible citizens who have broken no laws.  I just want honest American citizens that are law abiding, to own that type of firearm and it doesn’t hurt anything in the hands of a good person.”

However, in a post by AWR Hawkins of Breitbart published yesterday, the Oklahoma state legislature is taking it a step further.

Introduced by state senator Nathan Dahm, this legislation [ called the Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Preservation Act ] puts Oklahoma shoulder-to-shoulder with Wyoming and Texas by putting federal gun-grabbers in check.  The language of the legislation is clear: “Federal acts, laws, orders, rules, regulations, bans or registration requirements regarding firearms constitute an infringement on the individual right [to keep and bear arms] in the Constitution of the United States…and are hereby declared to be invalid in the State of Oklahoma.”

The legislation mentions the “intent” of America’s “Founders” and the Constitution’s “ratifiers,” and sets forth the punishment for trying to enforce new gun control measures:

Any official, agent, or employee of the United States government or any employee of a corporation providing services to the United States government that enforces or attempts to enforce an act, order, law, statute, rule or regulation of the government of the United States in violation of this act shall be guilty of a felony and upon conviction…shall be punished by imprisonment in the custody of the Department of Corrections not to exceed five (5) years.

Here’s to the U.S. Constitution.