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Chris Christie: NRA Ad that Mentions Armed Security for Obama's Kids is 'Reprehensible'

Gov. Christie makes one good point, regarding the lack of choice that the children of public figures have in how they become public figures. But that’s about as far as it goes. The NRA ad he calls reprehensible was more about posting armed security at our schools than it was about the Obama daughters. It points out that the Obama daughters have armed security at their schools. The NRA supports putting more security at schools, so that they’re not as vulnerable to the crazy people out there as they currently are. That’s not “reprehensible.” That’s a sensible, majority position, and even the president himself is moving towards it. The ad asks a pointed question of parents: Are the president’s children more important than yours? They are in the national security context of course, but ask any worthwhile parent if anyone else’s kids are more important than their own and you’re likely to get a pretty strong “No.” Among the reasons that many Americans want a firearm in the home and armed security at schools is to protect those who are at the same time our most precious and our most vulnerable: Our kids. The NRA is not reprehensible for taking this on.

Christie, so far, has nothing at all to say about how the president using other people’s children to push for gun control.

The appearance left is that Christie is picking up where he left off in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, running to guard Obama’s flank in order to solidify his own re-election prospects.

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