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Border Jumper Brought Texas a Gift: A Rare and Dangerous Strain of TB

News you can use, as they say.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is holding a young immigrant from Asia who officials say is infected with a rare drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis.

The man was detained by the Border Patrol trying to sneak into South Texas on Nov. 27.

Several days later, while undergoing a medical screening at the Port Isabel Service Detention Center, he was diagnosed with extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis, the least treatable form of the disease.

According to the story, it’s not a very easily transmitted strain of TB. But that’s little comfort. ICE won’t say what country in Asia he’s from, which is disturbing. Asia’s a big place. Some people there really don’t like Americans. Estimates are that for every border jumper who is caught, another nine actually get into the US.

Those nine had a friend in Washington. Outgoing Labor Secretary Hilda Solis says so in a parting interview.

 ”I will absolutely make myself available,” said Solis, a four term congresswoman representing districts in the heavily Hispanic East LA area. “Many of the hardworking people in those immigrant communities that I represented were not full citizens but they paid taxes they had children that were born here.”

Some of them tried to bring deadly, communicable, drug-resistant diseases here.