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When is it Barack Obama’s Turn to Contribute His 'Fair Share?'

Our elected leaders had to raise taxes.  That was what we were told by the leftist-in-chief Barack Obama and Democrats in the fiscal cliff negotiations.  President Obama said the hikes were needed to ensure that wealthy Americans pay their “fair share.”   Obama’s tax increases amount to about 60 billion dollars a year.  So what are we to do about the remaining annual trillion dollar deficit left from Washington’s unprecedented spending?  Mr. Obama and his Democrats don’t have as much clarity on spending cuts as they did on raising taxes.  But isn’t that the knock on the extreme left-wing?  They are all-too-willing to talk sacrifice, as long as it isn’t they who are doing the sacrificing.

According to reporting from the fiscal cliff negotiations, president Obama grew irritated at Speaker John Boehner for pointing out the government’s spending problem.  Mr. Obama even insisted that there is no spending problem in Washington.  The anti-Obama president, Ronald Reagan, said, “If history teaches anything, it teaches that self-delusion in the face of unpleasant facts is folly.”  I can think of no better word that describes the Obama presidency than, “folly.” The unpleasant facts our man-child president is choosing to ignore are these: If we excuse 2009, a year that both Bush and Obama shouldered debt responsibility, every fiscal year of the Obama presidency has seen our government spending one-trillion dollars more than is brought in through taxes.   America had never run a trillion dollar annual deficit in our history.  Now, courtesy of Obamanomics, every year of the Obama presidency has been marred by that shameful stat.  In fact, the era of Obama has seen the addition of around 6-trillion dollars in additional debt piled onto the backs of future generations, and counting.   No other president has heaped on more indebtedness to our children than Barack Hussein Obama.  Now that taxes have been raised on the productive, Americans should ask, “When will Obama’s government contribute?”

It’s time the liberals’ lord and savior heard from the people on his unprecedented spending binge.  Because of GOP spinelessness, Obama won, and the county lost the battle on the fiscal cliff.  Taxes were increased.  Mr. Obama, as is typical of leftists, again pointed the finger at others.  Obama urged Americans to light up the phones of members of congress in the fiscal cliff deal, as if he had no responsibility for the sorry state of our country.   Republicans, if they had any stones, should urge voters to now do the same to the White House switchboard on the debt ceiling.  John Boehner should call on all Americans to tell president Obama to stop spending more money than the people give him in taxes.   It’s time, “We the People”, pointed the finger right back at Obama and his enablers in the Democrat party.  Now that the wealthy are sacrificing and paying their “fair share”, it’s Obama’s turn?  Obama must ensure that our government spends less money next year, than it did this year?  And that trend must continue for decades.   It’s Obama’s turn to cut the fat from his bloated government.  It’s time that President Obama sacrifices like the rest of us.    It’s time for Obama to make sure government contributes its “fair share” to reducing the national debt?