Gawker Exposes all NYC Gun Owners

Gawker has never been accused of committing journalism. It’s a bottom feeder site that trolls humanity. So it will be interesting to see how journalists who approved of the Journal News’ decision to out its local gun owners react to this. Gawker has aped the hypocritical Journal News, and exposed the names (but not the addresses, because it couldn’t get those) of legal gun owners in NYC. Gawker’s chief creative contribution is to call these legal gun owners “assholes.”


The city’s many violent criminals have not been exposed by Gawker, nor have they been called a dirty word. I always find it interesting, how leftists treat the law-abiding, versus how they treat the violent and law-breaking who make a career of menacing society.

Coming from the other side of the aisle, Doug Ross has published a map of all Texas gun owners. They’re noted with a red dot.



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