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Ann Marimow Shills for Disgraced Fast and Furious Lawyer at WashPost

Behold the Washington Post’s Ann Marimow shilling for disgraced Justice Department lawyer Jason Weinstien – one of the few to suffer any consequences for the murderous Fast and Furious scandal (italics are all mine; editorializing is all Marimow’s):


Although Weinstein had no role in devising the tactics and had no supervisory authority over Fast and Furious, he had signed documents that helped the agents proceed with their operation.

On Capitol Hill, the investigation had taken on predictable and in­trac­table political dynamics. Democrats concluded that no high-level officials at the Justice Department, including Weinstein, were to blame for the “gun-walking” scheme; Republicans accused Weinstein of knowingly abetting the flawed operation.

Weinstien was the Deputy Assistant Attorney General who resigned because of his role in preparing false statements to Congress and overseeing aspects of the bloody gun running mess concocted by the Holder Justice Department.  But that doesn’t matter, you see, to the Washington Post, because Weinstein is smart.

Weinstein came to Washington as a teenager in 1982 to compete in the National Spelling Bee, having won the regional championship in San Antonio. The son of a hospital administrator and a nurse, he was a high achiever from the get-go. He also was captain of the math and debate teams in high school. Then he was off to Princeton, where he became student body president and led campaigns to build a new student center. . . . Weinstein — a brilliant student, gifted lawyer and methodical prosecutor — had spent a career steeped in nuance.


But smarts aren’t the only reason the Washington Post and Marimow heap so much praise on Weinstein, there are more predictable reasons.  He did what the Post also did through much of the 1970’s – wage a campaign against the CIA. Weinstein campaigned “to stop the Central Intelligence Agency from recruiting on campus until it changed its policy that prevented gays and lesbians from being hired.”

There is no better and faster way to earn credibility among Marimow’s crowd than bashing the CIA, except maybe bashing George W. Bush.

Ann Marimow

Marimow never places a bit of blame on Weinstein.  Instead we are served up excuses, and potato skins.

At the Elephant and Castle pub across Pennsylvania Avenue from the Justice Department, about 75 former co-workers gathered one brisk evening days after Thanksgiving to toast Weinstein. Breuer served as master of ceremonies, several in attendance said.

As guests munched on potato skins and wings at a cash bar, there were lengthy, upbeat tributes to Weinstein’s work.

Many of Weinstein’s former colleagues — federal law enforcement agents, prosecutors and other lawyers — say they are distraught about his public-service career being cut short. The portrayal of Weinstein on the Hill and in the inspector general report is at odds with the person they know.

“This bears no resemblance to the Jason that I know and what he would have done and what I’ve seen him do over and over again,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrea Smith, who prosecuted a notorious hitman with Weinstein in Baltimore. “He’s one of those people who instinctively always knows right from wrong.”

After he resigned, it took Weinstein two weeks to return e-mails and phone messages from former colleagues. He took the time to clean out the garage and get a haircut. He’s looking for a job.

“In a thousand years, you don’t expect this phase of your career to end this way,” Weinstein said. “But there’s a badge of honor for surviving these things, and I’m determined to earn it.”


 I’ll leave someone like Fast and Furious guru Katie Pavlich to detail the extent of the lies in Marimow’s story. (Hey Ann, did you call Katie or ANY other expert source to get an opposing view?)   But today’s Post gives you a fresh example how the left protects their own inside the beltway.  And any of you spending a red cent on the Washington Post are helping them do it.



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