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Walmart Braces for Black Friday Walkouts

Attacking Walmart has been a liberal sport for several years now. The giant retailer is non-union and sells stuff cheaper than mom and pop shops usually can. It also employs about a million people. If you could unionize them, well, that’s a lot of paychecks to skim on behalf of the Democratic Party.

With Big Labor’s man Barack Obama installed as president for another four years, several pro-union groups have arranged a Thanksgiving party for Walmart management.

Walmart employees began walking off the job this week in advance of Black Friday, when three-union backed groups expect thousands of protests nationwide.

In October, a strike at a Walmart in Los Angeles spread to stores in 12 other cities, with local and national leaders holding protests at more than 200 stores for better pay, fairer schedules and more affordable health care. Since that time, workers have since walked off the job in Dallas and Richmond, Calif., and other upcoming strikes and protests are expected at stores in Chicago, Miami, Milwaukee and Washington, D.C.

Every story about the walkoffs comes with the requisite “evil, heartless management versus plucky, downtrodden worker” angle so I’m not going to bother to reprint one here. The walkouts themselves are real; a friend of mine spotted this one on north Texas just two days after Obama’s re-election.

The Walmart they’re protesting is out of the frame, across the street. That’s a small protest, but Walmart should take the threat of unionization and the various interests and groups that are arrayed against it very seriously. Walmart represents many things that the left hates, including the triumph of efficient capitalism and the basic right to work without being forced to join a union. One way or another — card check, micro-unions, immigration reform, or some other means — the Obama government and its National Labor Relations Board are determined to unionize Walmart, or kill it to make an example to other corporations that resist unionization. They will even wreck the right of privacy to force Americans into unions. No joke.

You’ll start seeing groups called OurWalmart, Making Change at Walmart and the Corporate Action Network quoted in stories to paint Walmart in a poor light. These groups are nothing but the usual progressive (i.e. leftist) suspects. The media will tend to treat them as angelic grassroots groups just seeking a better world. In reality, they’re all probably tied to the George Soros network of anti-capitalist, pro-big government, far left network that ultimately wants to destroy the free market that made America great.

Update: Forward, comrades!