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Hey, Look -- Obama's Going to Russia

Politico’s fake “hard questions” could have asked Barack Obama why he’s planning to visit Russia and a bunch of other countries while he still has no plans to visit Israel. Their fake “hard questions” could have needled Obama about the “flexibility” that he promised the Russians he would use to give them stuff they want in a second term.

I’m laughing about all this, in a morose sort of way.

“US President Barack Obama has confirmed plans to visit Russia at the invitation of his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, the Russian president’s spokesman said on Tuesday,” the Russian outlet reports. “Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Obama made the statement when Putin called a second time to congratulate the US president on his reelection.”

RIA Novosti quotes Putin’s spokesman as saying, “Obama thanked [Putin] for the congratulations and the invitation and confirmed his readiness to come to Russia at a date to be agreed by the two sides. … Putin wished his US counterpart success in forming his new team,” he said, adding that the two presidents confirmed their interest in “progressive development of bilateral relations in all spheres, including the economy.”

Interesting that we’re finding out what the American president is doing from the Russian oligarchs, no?

Unless Obama’s “flexibility” bit was some sort of promise to join Putin in a yoga class, the American people really should get some answers as to what Obama has in mind. But good luck getting those answers. It’s not gonna happen. Obama cobbled his majority together through a combination of locking in the hard left, who don’t care what he does as long as he’s not a Republican, attracting the idiocracy vote that watches cable re-runs all day and have no idea what they really voted for, and who therefore don’t care what he does, some cheating here and there in those precincts that didn’t deliver Romney a single vote, buying votes paid for from the public treasury, and a media that also doesn’t really care what he does as long as he’s not a competent Republican who actually has the skills needed to turn the economy around.

Obama could go to Russia and give them Alaska while announcing his decision to disband the entire US military, and the media would either ignore it or applaud his peacemaking wisdom and visionary leadership.