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Californians Raised Taxes on Themselves

By 54% to 46%, California voters approved Prop 30 yesterday. Prop 30 levies a “temporary” tax hike on wealthier residents for seven years, in order to allegedly pay for improvements to education. But the hard cold fact is, that tax hike will not be temporary, and it is not paying for education improvements. It is first and foremost going into the lavish pensions of unionized teachers. Kids in classrooms around the Golden State won’t see a dime of it, and the legislature and whatever Democrat occupies the big chair will make it permanent eventually. Taxes hikes are almost never “temporary.”

Educators, small business owners and taxpayers were said to be against Prop 30, which is why it passed. A majority of Californians have no use for the second group and treats the third like a vampire treats a neck. Another predictable outcome of passing Prop 30 is that some number of those taxed will leave California, as they have been doing for years now. Or if they have sufficient means, they’ll go Galt.

By a vote of 60% to 39%, California voters approved a business tax hike, in Prop 39. This tax hits multistate businesses, and will supposedly throw the proceeds at more “investment” in “green” technology. Think Solyndra at the state level, basically, government involving itself even more in crony fascism. Genius move, voters. California’s budget deficit won’t be fixed by this. It will be made worse, if anything. Some businesses thinking of expanding into California may reconsider. Those greendoggles that get on the dole are unlikely to leave it, unless they crash.


And I’m not even counting Californian’s decision to send Feinstein and Obama back into power in this post.

For Californians considering leaving their state, please, don’t come to Texas unless you intend to do the Apple thing and think differently from the way your state has thought in recent decades. But if you’re part of the outcast minority, then by all means, y’all come.