South Carolina "Welcomes" International Election Observers From Belarus

Texas and Iowa have told international election observers they aren’t welcome.  State laws prohibit the observers from entering the polls and Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott has made it plain they will be arrested if they violate state law. 


I posted a list of the international observers (accessible here) which I obtained. Many of the observers come from authoritarian countries, including countries that torture their citizens and repress free speech and religion. 

While Texas and Iowa are telling these UN-style observers to go away, South Carolina is apparently rolling out the welcome mat.  South Carolina Election Commission spokesman Chris Whitmire told Fox News:  “We welcome them.”

Chris Whitmire

Ironically, the international observer slated to come to South Carolina is Sergi Rachkov from Belarus.  Rachov hovers at the U.N.

 This former Soviet state bears the most resemblance to the old authoritarian Soviet Union of all the former states.  The human rights record of Belarus is terrible, replete with repression of political opponents.  Political opponents of the authoritarian Aliaxander Lukashenka are routinely imprisoned.

Maybe Chris Whitmire will be “welcomed” to observe the next election in Belarus, if it occurs.


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