Winner of What Is Russian President Vladimir Putin Thinking? - Photo Caption Contest

Comrades, you know Russian President Putin does not like to be ignored and that is precisely what happened in last night’s Presidential Debate. For neither Putin or the nuclear missile test he personally oversaw last Saturday was mentioned by Romney or Obama.


So what does ol’ Vlad have to do to get some respect?

Aim his missiles at Alaska? (No Sarah Palin jokes please!)

Well, I am not sure we actually paid him any respect, but at least we gave him some attention as the subject of our What Is Putin Thinking? — Photo Caption Contest

All the entries were hilarious and the writers deserve a toast of some fine Russian vodka. (By the way the word “vodka” comes from the Russian word for water, “voda.” In Russian, vodka literally means “little water.”  It is amazing how much you learn from reading Tatler Photo Caption Contests!)

Now, Dr. Spin, our usual contest judge, is abstaining from judging this time because he privately submitted his own entry:

Come on baby light my fire…

Heh, heh, funny but NOT the winner.

Instead, here is the Grand Prize Winner selected by me alone after quenching my thirst with “little water.”

Caption for the Launch Officer standing next to him [cropped out of the photo, however]:

“Thank God this one worked.”  Submitted by Fun Johnny

And now all the fabulous Honorable Mentions:

“Barack looks more like a pussy riot than POTUS.”   Submitted by Adi

“No, I’m definitely not overcompensating for anything.”   Submitted by Anna

“Forward with Flexibility, Comrade Obama!”  Submitted by Scott

“In Soviet Russia, nukes launch you…”     Submitted by Shawna

“Better than a little purple pill!”   Submitted by ed mister jones

“Ah, so that’s what happens when I press this little red Reset button.”  


 “Let me be perfectly clear: We are about to render you less than optimal.” Both submitted by Allan Crowson

As usual cfbleachers weighed in with several zingers:

”I love the smell of appeasement in the morning.”

”I can see NORAD from my house.”

If you can’t protect a little consulate, you can’t protect an entire nation now can you?

You’re no Reagan and I’m no Gorby.

And a winning musical entry because Putin is known to sing after consuming a few bottles of “little water.”

“That’s one for the money, Two for the clown, Three to get cocky, Now America’s going down!  

Submitted by Rooster Pisces.

Thanks to all who played along and see you next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest!

But even if there isn’t a photo caption contest you all make one up!

Check out my post from earlier today, When Cornfields Replace Yard Signs, where it looks like a mini non- official caption contest is underway!

You didn’t plow that, a comment by Mike, totally cracked me up!

Keep them coming, because as one commenter wrote these are Yard signs the Dems can’t steal!


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