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Team Obama Admits Defeat in North Carolina. Virginia May Be Next.

The day after the final presidential debate, the Obama campaign is close to pulling out of two swing states that he won four years ago.

Democratic strategist Paul Begala, asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer if the Obama campaign has given up on North Carolina, said “Yes. I’m not supposed to say that Wolf. I work for the pro-Obama super PAC, so I’m being paid to help reelect the president, but if you look at where he’s going and where he’s spending money, yes, it looks like Governor Romney is likely to carry North Carolina.”

The latest Rasmussen Reports poll had Romney leading Obama by 6 percent and trending upward. What’s more, North Carolina, which Obama won in 2008, does not appear on the new list of Obama battleground states.

The president still remains committed to Virginia, but polls in the Old Dominion are now starting to show a small Romney lead. The president does have a trip planned to Virginia, but NBC political guru Chuck Todd said Monday, “Virginia may be slipping away from the Democrats, tilting a little more to Romney.”

Obama is still competitive in both states, but it’s the trend line that’s important and both states are trending Romney. Obama needed to arrest his fall in last night’s debate, but he failed. His comments about the Navy and defense cuts during the debate may also end up hurting him even more in Navy-heavy Virginia.