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Kerry: Republican Base 'Ought to be Outraged' at Romney

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry (D-Mass.), done with playing Mitt Romney in debate prep, said on CNN this morning that the Republican base should be “outraged” with the former Massachusetts governor’s performance last night.

In doing so, Kerry tried to revive the “etch-a-sketch” meme.

“Honestly I was stunned by a candidate who came and shifted almost all his positions, and he’s hiding his positions. I mean, his real positions have been the ones you’ve been hearing for months,” he said. “Criticizing the President on Iran, last night he agreed with him. Criticizing the President on Syria, well, he had a few nibbles but basically said how complicated it was, he agreed with him. Libya, wound up agreeing with him. Afghanistan, actually changed his position last night from saying that he didn’t think we should set a date and get out, last night he set a firm date.”

“He’s been running for president for seven years,” Kerry continued. “He has either been lying to the base, the Republican base, ought to be outraged today because the man who’s been running to win the nomination was taking a whole bunch of different positions.”

Kerry also went on a tear against his debate-prep double on Twitter during the debate last night.

“I think POTUS just sank Romney’s battleship,” the chairman tweeted.

Followed by, “Mitt apparently had no binders on foreign policy.”

And, complete with a still from the 1973 movie: “wasn’t joking when I said I’d need exorcism post-debate tonight after months playing Mitt Romney”

As of a couple of hours ago, though, Kerry had calmed down from the experience enough to tweet a photo of himself at a Dunkin Donuts in Boca Raton: