PJ Tatler Exclusive: 'Spy-blogging' From The Hofstra Spin Room Tonight

Tonight’s Presidential Debate may end up being the most important of the three. If it is a repeat of the first debate, Mitt Romney may indeed be on his way to victory. An Obama win may reverse the momentum the GOP candidate has generated during the past two weeks.


PJ Tatler will be live at the Hofstra Debate tonight!

Joining the other credentialed media, I will be watching the verbal battle from the media spin room. Rather than focus on the candidates, these posts will exclusively report the reactions of each campaign’s spinmeisters as well as  the mainstream media. Often it is those reactions and political spin which informs us who is scoring points in the debate much more accurately than the polls or pundits.

If David Axelrod drops down to his knees and screams “Why me?” or if Chris Matthews tinkles down his leg in you will read about it here first. We will be the fly on the wall, spying on their reactions.

So for the full picture of the debate tonight have two browsers open–one open to the Vodkapundit as he drunkblogs the debate, the other open here to the Tatler as I “Spy-blog” the behind the scenes spin.


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