Obama Hides Behind Yet Another Woman on Benghazi Security

This morning, President Obama dodged the question when a reporter asked him directly whether Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is to blame for the lack of security at the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya. But this afternoon, Obama sent out campaign spokesman Jen Psaki to say that yes, Obama does take responsibility for the safety of US diplomats serving overseas. Here is the video.


Why can’t this president fight his own battles? Why does he keep using women in this way? This is not empowering. It’s just sad.

On a more serious note, why are we hearing this from Obama’s campaign rather than from his White House spokesman or from the president himself? The campaign is not supposed to drive policy. Here, the campaign is driving policy and then some. The campaign may be driving the ongoing cover-up regarding who came up with the idea of blaming a movie for a pair of terrorist attacks.


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