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Brooklyn Democrat Endorses Mitt Romney for President

Very interesting.

Brooklyn Democratic Assemblyman Dov Hikind will cross party lines to back Mitt Romney for president.

Hikind, who has pull among Orthodox Jews, said he’s fed up with the way President Obama has treated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the Jewish state deals with threats from Iran.

The assemblyman said his backing of Romney will be more than lip service. He has offered to stump across the country.

“Florida. Pennsylvania. Wherever Romney needs need me, I’ll be there,” Hikind said.

Arguing that Obama has been a bad president, Hikind said he was particularly infuriated that the president couldn’t find the time to meet with Netanyahu during the UN conference but has schmoozed with celebrities at New York fund-raisers.

Hiking says that while he’s a Democrat, President Obama’s treatment of Israel has been degrading, and it scares him. He says that as a Democrat who is loyal to America and cares about the survival of Israel, he believes Barack Obama has been a “bad president.”

Hikind also endorsed McCain over Obama in 2008.