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Video: Democrats Ecstatic About 'Belonging to the Government'

This came out of nowhere yesterday, and within 24 hours a previously unknown ideological rift has erupted: the videos below expose for the first time a fundamental distinction between the leftist/progressive mindset and the conservative/Tea Party philosophy.

As was widely linked yesterday after Drudge featured it, the Democratic Party showed the following bizarre 15-second clip on The Big Screen at the Democratic National Convention:

“Government’s the only thing that we all belong to.”

The conservative blogosphere blew a gasket at the complete reality-inversion of the Democratic worldview. Tea Partiers and small-l libertarians and constitutional conservatives railed We don’t belong to the government — the government belongs to us!

But now a new video has emerged to put the fear of Big Brother in you. The folks at RevealPolitics walked around the convention asking Democratic delegates how they felt about “belonging” to the government. The interviews were probably originally intended to show delegates alarmed and repulsed by their own party’s tone-deaf propagandizing. Instead, what the interviewers came away with was a bone-chilling peek into an alternate universe in which slaves love their chains.

Watch it and weep:

When asked by the interviewers how they felt about belonging to the government, the Democrats gave these jaw-dropping answers:

Interviewer: “The only thing we all belong to is the government. How does that make you feel?
Democrat #1: “We all do belong to the government, if you’re a US citizen.

Democrat #2: “I think regardless of where you grow up, or regardless of where you live, you’re gonna be owned by someone at some point. So — I think the American government so far has been a fair government and I don’t necessarily hate that I’m owned by them at this point.

Democrat #3: “Who knows? I haven’t never had a other feeling, so I can’t tell you how it feels not to belong to the government.

Interviewer: “We don’t all necessarily belong to the same religion but we all belong to the government.”
Democrat #4: “I absolutely agree with that.”
Interviewer: “Yeah? That we all belong to the government?”
Democrat #4: “Yeah.”
Interviewer: “How does that make you feel. Are you excited by that?”
Democrat #4: “Yeah!

Interviewer: “How does it feel to belong to the government?”
Democrat #5: “It feels like one big happy family to belong to the government because if we feel that way, we’re more safer, we feel the government should be able to help us, and be able to take care of us.”

Democrat #6: “It feels great. Sincere.”

Until this moment I had just assumed, apparently quite naively, that Democrats and liberals deep in their hearts of course loved freedom, and only appeared to embrace the incipient totalitarianism of “big government” Democratic politics because they were actually unaware where Nanny-Statism leads, blocking out any consciousness of the downside of collectivism and purposely putting on the Happy Face Blinders. Back when I was a liberal that was my sin as well: absolutely refusing to acknowledge any potential flaw in my political philosophy.

But this video reveals a horrible new truth: They do know that Big Government leads to a nation of slaves — and they’re glad about this fact!

(I had also assumed that the interviewed Democrats might point out that there are subtle variations in the definition of the phrase “belong to,” and that the video shown on the Big Screen may have simply been trying to say that we all “belong to” the government in the same sense that we might “belong to” a club, and didn’t mean to imply that we “belong to” the government in the way a slave “belongs to” its master.

But no! Almost every single one of the interviewed Democrats willingly interpreted the phrase “belong to” as being synonymous with “owned by,” and gave their enthusiastic approval to being owned by the government. Only a few of the interviewees didn’t make it clear whether or not they were speaking of “belonging to” a big club known as the government; the rest openly conceded that they are owned by the government.)

If we thought that Obama’s “You didn’t build that” speech exposed the fundamental difference between the progressive and conservative worldviews, this new video rips open an entirely fresh chasm between the parties, a chasm which until this morning I didn’t know even existed.

If that‘s the way they really feel — embracing their chains, grateful to be enslaved — then things are much much worse than I even imagined.

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