Photos from the Big Night

Some photos from the convention. We’ll keep updating this post as I grab new ones. Scroll to bottom for latest photos.

Rep Darrell Issa talks with a constituent on the floor at #GOP2012:



Sen Orrin Hatch @ #GOP2012:

Fox Business Channel’s Neil Cavuto #GOP2012:

Scary Larry O’Donnell. Just as scary in real life:

Lone stars:

At the CNN booth:

With the Big Man, Chris Christie:

With two of Fox’s The Five:

Ann Romney @ #GOP2012 #nextfirstlady:

USA! USA! Miracle Mike from the 1980 US hockey team:

Fox’s Shannon Bream gets ready to report from #GOP2012:

Here comes Clint:

Clint is a hit:

Mitt’s time to shine at GOP 2012:

@PaulRyanvp heading for the stage @ GOP 2012:

More as they come in; follow me on Twitter, where you can see these images first.


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