College Kids Learning a Valuable Lesson from Obama

Reports from Charlottesville, home of the University of Virginia, indicate Obama was unable to fill the venue he chose to speak at. This seems to be a pattern around the country. Perhaps Washington Secrets has a clue why–college kids are learning the true costs of Obama’s meddling with the health system:


“The future frightening payoffs of college loans are taking a backseat to the immediate and soaring costs of health insurance students are getting slapped with as they return to school this fall, all thanks to Obamacare.

Because of a rule in the Affordable Care Act that lifts caps on policy payoffs, the cheap insurance policies typically healthy students previously got are skyrocketing, some over 1,000 percent. The reason: Without payoff caps, insurance firms are boosting prices to cover their potential losses.

One example: a late July email to incoming students from Guilford College of Greensboro, N.C. revealed a jump from $668 to $1,179, a 75 percent jump. The reason stated: “Our student health insurance policy premium has been substantially increased due to changes required by federal regulations issued on March 16, 2012 under the Affordable Care Act.”



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