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SEIU Self-Parody Alert: 'Just Call Me Jamie!'

Because there just aren’t enough “Call Me Maybe” parodies, or something.

I ran into Brad Tidwell from SEIU Monitor earlier today here at the convention center in Tampa. His group has been observing a clash between the purple shirts and JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon in Houston. The argument actually doesn’t involved Dimon at all, it involves the building his office resides in and the unionized janitors who ought to be cleaning it, but because he has had the temerity to publicly criticize Barack Obama, SEIU decided to target him anyway.


Instead of cleaning the building that the Big Labor troops are supposed to be cleaning, they wasted time producing this video.

More from SEIU Monitor:

The first portion of the video explains that at a Congressional Hearing in June 2012, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon had promised that he would set up a phone call with a local SEIU  janitor, Adriana Vasquez, to discuss wages for janitors.

What’s interesting is the part where the video begins- where the SEIU says that “despite multiple calls, she hasn’t heard back.” In response, the SEIU mounted an elaborate publicity campaign claiming Dimon hadn’t contacted her, using a riff off the (arguably overplayed) pop song “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen calling it “Call Me Jamie.”

The SEIU would go on to make a full online campaign culminating with this video showing janitors dancing with mops to prove a point- that JP Morgan Chase needed to fulfill their promise.

But according to CNBC, JPMorgan Chase actually did reach out to the SEIU:

JPMorgan Chase tells me Vasquez has never called. Ever. The bank says after Dimon’s testimony, JPMorgan representatives asked Vasquez for her number, but they claim she refused to provide it. They also say they followed up with the SEIU. “If she calls us, we will call her back,” says a bank representative.


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