Obama Campaign: Ryan Pick Not 'Courageous' Because He Votes with GOP Too Much

Obama’s deputy campaign manager said that picking House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan for the No. 2 spot on the GOP ticket wasn’t a “courageous” move because he votes with his party too much.


“You know, being courageous means you have to buck your own party, and Mr. Ryan has never done that,” Stephanie Cutter said on NBC’s Today show this morning.

In the 110th Congress, Obama voted with his party 96 percent of the time. In that same Congress, Ryan voted with his party 92 percent of the time.

Cutter said that Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” budget plan was not a “pro-growth document” but an “ideological document.”

She also said Democrats feel “pretty confident” about their standing in Wisconsin, despite Ryan being a seven-term congressman from the state.

“I think not just because of the president’s popularity, but because of what the president believes in,” Cutter said.


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