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Report: 16% of Deportable Illegals Committed Other Crimes

There are 19 people dead who shouldn’t be. That’s the cost of lax immigration enforcement by the Obama administration, according to a report issues by the House Judiciary Committee.

Washington Times:

The Obama administration released illegal immigrants who went on to commit more crimes, including charges of 19 murders, 3 attempted murders and 142 sex crimes, the House Judiciary Committee said in a report Tuesday.

All told, 16 percent of the nearly 47,000 illegal immigrants the administration was notified of but declined to deport between 2008 and 2011 under its Secure Communities program have gone on to be charged with other crimes, the committee said.

They were part of the nearly 160,000 immigrants — most of them here legally — who were flagged by Secure Communities during the three-year period and who were later charged in nearly 60,000 more crimes, according to the committee and the Congressional Research Service, which looked at data the committee subpoenaed from the Homeland Security Department.

The Secure Communities program was designed to identify immigrants who end up in state and local prisons and jails who the administration decides it wants to deport.

While hundreds of thousands of aliens have been sent back home under the program, 159,286 were not put in deportation proceedings during the period under review, CRS said.

About three-quarters of those weren’t eligible for deportation because they were legal immigrants and their criminal records didn’t rise to the level of deportation.

But nearly a quarter could have been deported and weren’t, CRS said. They went on to commit the 19 murders, 3 attempted murders and 142 sex crimes, the Judiciary Committee said.

It’s a terrible price to pay just so the president can pander to an important ethnic group. Rather than seeking votes, the administration should be working on enforcing the law in a realistic, but humane manner. In the case of the 16% who should have been deported but weren’t, it’s a no brainer. They were here illegally, they committed crimes serious enough to be incarcerated for. What’s the hang-up with that?

The hang up is that Homeland Security is a mess and once these criminals are released, instead of being sent back to where they came from, they are allowed to disappear — only to re-emerge when they commit another violent crime.

And 19 Americans are dead because of it.

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