Polls Close in Texas (Update: All Polls Closed)

The eyes of Texas and the rest of the country are upon the statewide GOP Senate primary. I’ll have results here on Tatler as soon as they’re available.


Update: Returns are starting to trickle in. WFAA-TV reporter Brad Watson tweeted that Collin Co up in north Texas went strong for Cruz.

Update: Numbers from Dallas County: Cruz 50.4, Dewhurst 49.6. Dallas is a critical county for Dewhurst, who had picked up the endorsement of former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert. If Dewhurst is down in counties like Dallas and Collin, he is in serious trouble.

Update: KHOU in Houston also reports an early Cruz lead — 54% to 46%.

Update: Cruz “clobbers” Dewhurst in Harris County (Houston) early voting, 60-39, according to WFAA’s Brad Watson. Wow.

Update: Now a report from Tarrant County (Fort Worth) that Cruz leads there too. You can’t give all these major counties away and win statewide in Texas.

Update: Dewhurst does lead in one big county, Travis. That’s Austin, which is the liberal blue dot in the red sea of Texas.


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