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Obama 'Truth Team:' Don't Quote the President Accurately! That's a False Attack!

Check out this new Obama ad.

Here is the Romney ad that the Obama ad claims is false. It quotes Obama, then quotes Romney’s rebuttals.

The “Truth Team” ad is the Obama campaign’s first attempt at getting past the president’s “You didn’t build that” speech. It begins saying “Mitt Romney is launching a false attack.” The false attack: Quoting Obama’s own speech word for word. After quoting Romney, quoting Obama, saying “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen,” the ad said “Problem: That’s not what he [Obama] said.” The problem with what the ad says, is that it is what Obama said.

Then the ad plays another part of Obama’s speech, the part about teachers. That wasn’t the part that sparked all the controversy, because it’s so banal it’s pointless for the president to bother saying. Then the ad quotes Romney agreeing, that teachers and firefighters are good things to have. Because they are. Only then, does the ad show Obama’s “You didn’t build that” section, with the preceding line about roads and bridges included to provide some kind of cover for the president.

But, recall, that in the previous slate, the ad said the president didn’t say what it just showed him saying.

Then the ad tries to make it look like Romney and Obama agree on a bunch of stuff, which they do, because up to now the election really had not been about whether basic infrastructure is worth having or not. That isn’t even the question posed by the president. In the infamous speech, Obama argues that successful people aren’t really smarter or harder working than less successful people, and that they owe more of their income in taxes because they benefited from the infrastructure that we have all built with our tax money. Left unsaid, successful and unsuccessful people use the same infrastructure, and once a person becomes successful, they move into those top brackets where they end up paying more taxes than many unsuccessful people combined. Also left unsaid: Since we all use the same infrastructure but some are more successful than others, what’s the difference? Why does one succeed and one not succeed? Might good ideas and hard work have something to do with that? Barack Obama suggested that no, hard work and smarts have little or nothing to do with that. “There are a lot of smart people out there!…There are a whole bunch of hard working people out there!” Obama said with a sneer.

The Truth Team ad is one of the most pointless political ads ever produced, and does nothing at all to stop the hemorrhaging that Obama started when he told business builders that they didn’t build their businesses.

h/t Weekly Standard