Michelle Obama: Campaign Isn't About Sitting Back, 'Watching One Man Deliver Miracles'

First lady Michelle Obama implored supporters at a New York campaign fundraising brunch Sunday to “multiply yourselves” in order to help President Obama win re-election.


“This isn’t about us sitting back and watching one man deliver miracles,” she said. “He needs our help.”

She urged backers to join organizing teams across the country. “Everything we do on the ground runs through these teams, and these teams are going to be the key to victory.”

“Multiply yourselves,” Obama said. “This room should be 100 rooms full. We need you to reach out to everyone you know; everyone you know who is either sitting on the sidelines or somehow unhappy with something.”

“And if things look good where you are, if you’re in one of these wonderful states where things are great, then pack a bag,” she continued. “Pack a bag, spend some time in a battleground state like Pennsylvania. And think about talking to some of the undecided voters — that’s what we did last year. It’s that connection. Talking to undecided people who don’t know any of this. They’re just not paying attention, or they’re confused about an issue. ”

“Real change,” Obama told the crowd, “is slow. Real change takes time. Real change hurts a little bit.”


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