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Obama's Immigration Policy Gets Innocent Teen Killed

The media insists that rogue SUVs are suddenly driving themselves around, careening out of control and killing people. But that is not what is going on at all.

“Scott wrote here about the appalling case of a 16-year-old St. Paul girl, Clarisse Grime, who was sitting in the grass at her high school, nowhere near the street, when she was struck and killed by a vehicle that careened out of control and bounced off a fire hydrant. The vehicle was driven by an illegal immigrant who has been in Minnesota for ten years without ever having a driver’s license. He was known to local authorities, having been convicted of drunk driving in 2001 and driving without a license just a few months ago. But the immigration laws are not enforced in St. Paul. So today, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported on Miss Grime’s funeral. This was the paper’s headline: ‘St. Paul teen killed by SUV remembered at her funeral.’ Killed by SUV? That doesn’t really seem to be the salient point.”

Sanctuary city policies have been around for far too long, but the Obama administration has created Sanctuary Nation with its stated policy of not enforcing immigration law against illegals caught but who have not been convicted of “serious” crimes. Their unpunished crimes and misdeeds will tend to get more serious. Until they kill people, who in most cases will be innocent American citizens.

Let’s take the particulars of the case above. The illegal was a known petty criminal. He was 1) here illegally, 2) driving without a license, 3) a known drunk driver. Just a guess here, but he probably also wasn’t carrying auto insurance.The failure to enforce those less serious laws has led directly to the senseless death of a young girl.The illegal alien was actually living a life above the laws that American citizens must abide by everyday.

The girl’s name is Clarisse Grime. She should be alive, but leftist policies now encouraged by the Obama White House killed her. That’s simply a hard, cold fact.

More: The story gets even more tragic. Miss Grime was herself a legal immigrant from Ethiopia. She was her parents’ only child. The family respected and followed American law, came here for a better life and were in the process of becoming Americans themselves, only to have a serial scofflaw who never respected America enough to follow her laws and who should never have been here at all, kill their daughter. The killer, Carlos Vivera-Colorado, had already been deported in 2001 but snuck back in. He should never know another moment’s peace as long as he lives. A country wishing to have its sovereignty respected would try him and, if found guilty, give him the ultimate punishment.

Every single person who supports these dangerous, corrosive sanctuary city policies should be forced to memorize this family’s tragedy and answer personally for it.

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