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Liberal Group Plays Faith, Race Cards Against Romney; Democrat Condemns

The group, called “The Message,” released the following video today. It is a parody of a Romney campaign strategy meeting, in which Romney advisers take turns explaining why he should not speak to the NAACP, which he is doing in Houston Wednesday.

The video brings up the Mormon church’s race history, and says that Romney is “so white he makes Wonder Bread look like pumpernickel.” The Message says they will use video to say things that the Democratic Party is afraid to say. Or, in the case of this video, smart enough not to say. Things like this:

During the entire 2010 Congressional campaign, no prominent Democrat highlighted the recovery of the auto industry, for fear of being perceived as a proponent of “big government.” After the Gabby Giffords and Trayvon Martin shootings, there was barely a peep in Congress about our lax gun laws. We want The Message to galvanize and energize Democrats and progressives to actively pursue their agenda.

And that agenda is…? Going by The Message’s admission, it includes big government and gun control. If the Message wants Democrats to run on big government and gun control, here’s to hoping that the Democrats listen and obey.

The Message has mainstream media connections. Former New York Times reporter Andrew Zipern, and former Media Matters honcho Eric Burns are on the team along with a former AOL executive.

The group is already generating some conversation: Democratic Rep. Emanuel Cleaver is denouncing their racist attack on Romney.

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