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Biden on Stump: McCaskill is the Best Senator Ever

While President Obama was stumping against tax cuts for the wealthy in Washington today, Vice President Joe Biden was in Kansas City to stump for endangered Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) — the “toughest, most principled person in the United States Senate.”

Guests paid at least $500 for lunch and to hear Biden give a 36-minute “impassioned” speech, according to the pool reporter.

“I’m a strong, strong ally of hers,” Biden said of McCaskill. “She knows who she is and what she believes in, and she’s willing to take risks to fight for what she believes in.”

The vice president delivered his standard campaign lines that this is “not your father’s Republican Party” and described today’s House as unprincipled.

“This is the first group of Republican congressmen who will not vote for things I know they are for,” Biden said. They even oppose bills “they know would help the economy along. They are voting against things they absolutely, specifically voted for in the past.”

Biden said that the GOP aren’t “bad guys, but they don’t get it.”

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